Meeting Roles

Our Toastmaster meetings rely on each participant for success.
There are many roles to fill, and each job is designed to improve
public speaking and leadership skills.

Speaker: The Stars of the Show! Their speeches are prepared from
projects in the Competent Communication and Advanced
Communication Manuals.

Evaluator: Every speaker receives written and verbal feedback from an evaluator.

Toastmaster: The Toastmaster of the Meeting acts as the Master of Ceremony or Host of the meeting, introduces the participants, and sets the tone for the meeting.

General Evaluator: The Generator Evaluator is responsible for the evaluation team, which consists of timer, grammarian, Ah-Counter, and Speech Evaluators. The General Evaluator gives feedback on everything that takes place throughout the meeting.

Timekeeper: The timekeeper makes sure each segment of the meeting runs on time. The timekeeper explains the timing requirements, signals participants, and gives verbal feedback.

Grammarian: The grammarian comments on the use of English during the meeting and introduces a new word to members.

Ah Counter: The Ah-Counter notes the use of filler words (ah, uhm, you know) by members during the meeting

Table Topic Master: The Table Topics Master prepares questions for impromptu speaking during the Table Topics portion of a meeting.

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